FOLIO Sutton Coldfield would like to commission 3 creative practitioners, each to lead one 2 hour workshop with members of the public linked to our new project, Telling Sutton’s Stories.

We have a total pot of £1500 for these commissions, so envisage each commission (delivery, prep and materials) being about £500.

As part of Telling Sutton’s Stories FOLIO is currently delivering a series of events online but once social distancing requirements are lifted (not before 21 June 2021) we will be delivering some “pavement workshops” – taking copies of old photos and historic maps to street corners and local green spaces around Sutton and helping people uncover their house history and hyper local history in their area, as well as exploring other ways people feel connected to the place they live and work. At three of these pavement workshops we would like a creative practitioner to join us, to lead a drop-in workshop or to provide an artistic experience inspired by the Telling Sutton’s Stories project, exploring links between people and place.

  • You might be based in or near(ish) to Sutton Coldfield (we want to minimise travel costs and where possible support local creative practitioners).

  • You will have previous experience in the development and delivery of creative community workshops / events, and

  • We really hope you will be excited by the Telling Sutton’s Stories project!

  • If you would like to talk through your idea for a workshop or find out more about the Telling Sutton’s Stories project, please email Zoe on and we’ll take it from there.

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