Telling Sutton’s Stories is a map of what matters to you – whether that is the town’s history, the town’s natural environment, artistic responses to the town or more.

The simplest content to add to the map might simply be a comment to a pin that already exists on the map. Alternatively you could add a new pin (even if one already exists where you want to add content) and write a short text (factual, or fiction/poetry), perhaps adding old photos of your own. If you want to do some research, please browse our suggestions and see what inspires you!

Who lived in my house before me? Wartime history of Sutton

More ideas / tip sheets will be added over time.

We really want this project to be fun to participate in. We have some general guidelines about content, to help keep everyone safe and people’s information secure. Our guidelines touch on GDPR, copyright, and just being thoughtful about sharing information about people who are still alive, or information that might be upsetting to others (e.g. headline grabbing stories from the past).