Track 1: That’s the fire bell – no traffic problems

Track 2: Peace with the Boers & bonfire in the parade

Track 3: A side shoot of this – Tamworth as a mystery town

Track 4: Of course I know there was the pushbike

Track 5: Well now, it’s about time – municipal charities

Track 6: Of course on the part of the individual – snobbery

Track 7: There was no tarmac – dust as a condiment for flies

Track 8: Now here’s a point you must remember – butchers

Track 9: Now here’s a point – end of Parade

Track 10: Um where are we – summer holiday resort

Track 11: There were no ashbins

Track 12: Now Mr President – prices of goods

Track 13: Income tax all through

Track 14: Ah now the last item – Sunday post

Track 15: Come with me to the Parade – catching trains at different times

Full recording of James Speight’s Memories of 1902 – a luncheon talk at the Rotary Club in the 1960s

The recordings above are made from a talk given by James Speight to the Rotary Club of Sutton Coldfield in the 1960s. The Rotary Club has since undergone a slight reorganisation and the following clubs now exist:
RC Sutton Coldfield Vesey –
RC Wylde Green –
Twitter – @wyldegrnrotary

James Speight’s Letters written during World War One
Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: 2 December 1916 Letter to his parents. Written from Andover, Hants, having been transferred from Yorkshire Moors. Writes about where he is billeted and eating meals at the Drill Hall. He acknowledges how lucky he is to have an income supplementary to army pay.

Track 3: 11 March 1917 Letter to parents and brother Harry. “A soldier never tires of chocolate”. Writes about how a fellow soldier he is billeted with has been stealing coal which they hide to keep warm. Helps out at the ordnance stores, due to a measles outbreak.

Track 4: 1 July 1917

Track 5: 13 August 1917

Track 6: 16 August 1917

Track 7: Undated

Track 8: Undated

Track 9: Undated

Track 10: 29 September 1917

Track 11: 25 November 1917

Track 12: Undated

Track 13: 10 January 1918

Track 14: 4 March 1918

Track 15: Undated

Track 16: 19 March 1918

Track 17: 24 March 1918 and 6 April 1918

Track 18: 8 April 1918

Track 19: 27 April 1918

Track 20: Undated

Track 21: Afterthoughts