Please support your local library by becoming a member.

Sutton Coldfield, Mere Green, Boldmere and Walmley Libraries are local community hubs, providing education, entertainment, computers, internet connection and news. They have dedicated children’s sections and it provide a meeting place for all.

We are very fortunate to have our local libraries. Nationally many have gone (a fate which nearly befell Sutton Coldfield library), as councils seek to make savings. YOU can help us keep ours going.

FOLIO members will always be the first to find out what events and activities we have planned in conjunction with Sutton Coldfield library service, so becoming a member is a way to make sure you’re always in the know! It’s also a way of helping us get future funding for events; funders ask how many supporters we have, and it helps enormously if we can show them that we have a good membership body.

“Great! I want to find out about events, and I want to show my support for FOLIO and my library. How do I become a member?”

Simply complete the this online form and we’ll add you to our membership list!
Anyone (adult or child) who lives in Sutton Coldfield or who uses Sutton Coldfield library service is eligible to become a member.

We ask prospective members to make a donation of £10 (suggested amount per adult), or what you are able to afford. We want anyone who wishes to support the library to be able to become an Member so please do join us even if you are not able to donate. Funds raised through membership are vital for financing recurring costs like the hosting of this website and our Public Liability insurance.

If you’d like to make a secure donation via PayPal please click here:

If you’d like to make a donation by cash or cheque, please contact our Treasurer

Please note: Your data will be held securely and only used to keep you informed about FOLIO Sutton Coldfield. If you have any queries, please contact

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