This can be one of the most important non fiction novel for the modern time. Since the evolution of internet, we have seen an overload of information and opportunities. Today saying being busy makes you sound cool. But are we really being productive by being busy?

This book will help you detox your life from all the non essentials. The book flows down beautifully with description of Essentialism and why we need it, then it takes you on a journey to teach you how to find the non essentials in your life by helping you differentiate between what is important and what is not and then shows you how to eliminate those non essentials from your life.

The knowledge from this book is applicable from sorting your wardrobe to sorting your life and career. The author does a brilliant job of capturing the importance of essentialism to show us what’s behind the closed door of simple life. He does his best to help you to prioritise your life and get you detached from non essential work which you don’t feel like doing but you do just to make other people happy.

After reading this book Being Essentialist will be the new Mantra of your life rather than Being Busy.

Reviewed for FOLIO by Daksh


Book Review: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit For Less